USB A to Micro B Colored Phone Charging Cable 3FT-TPE jacket-Pink

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3 Feet-TPE
3 Feet-PVC
6 Feet-PVC
6 Feet-TPE
3 Feet-TPE

Size 3 Feet-TPE
Color Pink
  • USB 2.0 A to Micro B mobile phone charging cable
  • Ideal for your mobile phone, available in a variety of bright colors.
  • Please note: When using this cable to charge devices make sure your adapter amperage is compatible. See device and adapter instructions for further details.
  • Supports 480-Mbps transmission speed

The APLWL 2.0 A Male to Micro B Cable gives you full performance and colorful personality with many USB devices.

It's all about the Color! This cable comes in a whole variety of colors to match your personality!

Hard or Soft Feel Plastic. We have made these cables so personal you can even feel between hard PVC plastic and soft rubberized feel TPE plastic. Just another way to make the cable your very own favourite go-to wire and sure to get noticed.

Hard Feel - PVC

Choose from the following colors - Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange and Purple.

Soft Feel - TPE

Choose from the following colors - Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange and Purple.

USB Versatility Makes this the Ultimate Go-To Cable

Because USB 2.0 is widely used in connecting devices, such as external hard drives, printers, digital-photography devices and more, this USB 2.0 cable helps you maximise the performance for your peripherals. For devices with an older USB version, this cable is backward-compatible, so you can still make the connection.

Product Usage and Connectivity

This cable features a standard Type-A USB connector on one end and a Micro Type-B connector on the other. This means that you can plug the Type-A connector in to your computer, then plug the Micro Type-B connector in to a device with a Micro Type-B port. Devices like mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras and digital camcorders often have Micro Type-B ports.

What’s in the Box:

USB 2.0 Type-A Male to Micro Type-B Cable


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